How Do I get Started?

Check out our shaping, glassing, and membership options on our Get Started page. All members must take a Private and/or Group Workshop to access the working space. 

Will my first board be surfable?

A little advice goes a long way. We strongly recommend taking the private shaping and glassing courses for the best possible experience in creating your first board. We work closely with you on your first board to ensure your board surfs they way you want it to.


Our private shaping lessons are 1:1 or 1:2 of hands-on instruction. Plan to spend 6+ hours shaping your first board and can be split up into 2 or 3 sessions if necessary. Outlines, foils, rockers, contours, rails, and glassing prep are covered as well as safety, tools, and shop etiquette. 

How does glassing work?

Glassing is included in your Surfboard Shaping Lesson. You may opt to glass it yourself if you have completed the Group Glassing Workshop or take a Private Glassing Lesson. We also offer in-house glassing services for members and outside shapers. Email us to inquire.

Can I do colors, logos, designs, patterns?

100% with some restrictions. 

Can I Bring My Own Materials?

Sure thing. However, we do charge a $30 bring your own blank fee. We do not allow any outside fiberglass or epoxy to keep our materials list to a minimum. 

How much does it cost to make My Own surfboard?

Membership pricing on materials is the cheapest possible option for you to create a surfboard. You're looking at a ball park of $50 per foot for materials only or starting at $100 per foot which includes a shaping lesson. 

Can I make a sup, kiteboard, Or Wakesurf?

Absolutely. Fire us an email for more info on kiteboards, wake surfboards, and SUPs. 

Can You Glass my SUrfboard?

You bet. Email us for a price list. 

Do you do Custom & SHowpiece Surfboards?

Yep, that too. Fire us an email for more info on pricing and options on custom handshaped surfboards made locally start-to-finish in Vancouver. 

DO YOU Take Ding Repairs?

Sure do. Dings start at $50 and up. Swing by the shop with your board in hand to get a quote.